World War Heros Mod APK

This is the ultimate battle game based on the second World War Heros Mod APK. This game lets you experience the fight, unlike any other game and has many different types of weapons and equipment for various combats. The weapons are also authentic to the era and thus helps to transport the player into the second world war battlefields.

World War Heros Mod APK

This is the ultimate battle. The game has seven modes that are:

  • Bomb mode
  • Team squad
  • Team battle on panzers
  • Deathmatch
  • Hardcore mode
  • Team deathmatch
  • Custom mode

One of the most amazing features of the game is that you can make a custom battlefield with your own rules and then invite your friends who share your love for battle wars. The best is that the game is played among real gamers.

The game is a multiplayer shooter game in which the player plays the role of a common soldier and thus has to go through fun games against sophisticated players in the vast map. The game’s fine details help create a better gaming experience. Also, the game allows the players to participate in the battle via tanks.

Feature Of World War Hero’s

There are many great features of the game that are:

  • The 7-world war two legendary battle zones
  • The four types of battle vehicles that are from Japan, Germany, USA and Russia
  • The six-game modes with an additional custom mode
  • The game has five different maps
  • The 57 different weaponry including pistols, body armors, rifles, Tommy guns, rockets, grenades, shotguns, machine guns and more
  • Logging in the game, daily helps you get daily free gifts and quests. It might also mean a chance to get bonus EXP and credit time
  • The option to customize the weapons, you get unique test piece and help to change the color of the weapons
  • Upgrades are available regularly that enables you to upgrade your gear and become stronger
  • The graphics and sounds of the game have refined and thus enhances the gaming experience tenfold
  • In MOD you get unlimited ammunition and no reload
World War Heros Mod APK

How To Play The Game?

  • Deathmatch mode

In this mode, it’s the kill or be killed strategy, and din this, you get to kill the other players as many times as possible.

  • Team deathmatch

It is the team vs. team battle mode. The winner gets the most points

  • Bomb mode

In this mode, you will have to place a bomb, and you will have one life, this will also be in a team vs. team form as one team plants, and other teams tries to stop it

  • Team bomb mode

Like the bomb mode, it will have a team vs. team deathmatch, and you will have to plant the bomb

  • Hardcore mode

The damage is increased three times. In this weapon give maximum damage, and you will die in max 2 -3 hits

  • Team squad

It is a team vs. team form with three rounds

  • Custom mode

In this mode, the game maps and rues are dependent on you.

SoWhat Is World War Hero’s MOD APK?

It is a modified (MOD) version of an original android package (APK). MOD APK version of the game comes with extra features that may include app games or currency for games but also has the chance to have malware or spyware.

Mostly mod pirated versions are available online, but its best if you download from a trusted source as it might be infected by malware.

How to download world war hero’s MOD APK on android?

The process of downloading the game is quite simple.

  • First, you have to make sure that your phone allows 3rd party applications, so make sure in settings that the security has unknown sources to allow a 3rd party application source.
  • Then you will have to install the game APK MOD file and OBB file on your phones to play the game.
  • To install the files, you will have to use the ES File Explorer or any other zip extraction files on the android phones.
  • Install the APK file, click on the install button and let the installation should begin
  • The file will go to an archived folder for you to extract. After you have extracted the OBB file from its archived location then copy the OBB file to android OBB folder
  • Then you let the installation to complete and enjoy the game.

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