Towelroot For Android Available Here For Free Download (Latest Version)

Towelroot is one of the best rooting applications available for your android devices to easily modify or customize your android devices just the way you want. However, this application will simply allow your Android device to get rooted just within a few seconds, all you have to do is to install the Towelroot APK file and then pressing a button, that’s it.


Of course, there would be no more complications and no more convoluted processes needed to use this application, you just need to download or install the app and simply tap a button, and your device will be rooted completely.

Although, the app is basically developed by the very popular and famous developer and hacker Geohot, and this application is a possible solution for every android holders to modify or change any settings in their devices easily.


Once you complete the installation process of the application, then you will be able to immediately use it through a button that says ‘make it ra1n‘. And surprisingly, within a few moments, with no need to restart the device, your Android device will be completely rooted.

Furthermore, Towelroot is currently a much easier and suitable alternative available for you to root your android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S5 or even S4. Though, you can even root a Nexus 4 or even 5, and as well as other models, too.

Below you will find the technical details of the Towelroot application.

Technical details:

  • License: Free
  • Category: Root
  • Language: English
  • Downloads: 11,538,018
  • Package Name:com.geohot.towelroot
  • Date: 17.01.18.

How to download Towelroot? how to use it?

The process of download and install the application, you need to follow simple rules simply:

  • Go to your device’s settings > then simply go to security > and then open the option “Unknown Sources” by which you can easily install the APK files (third party apps).
  • Now, download the latest version of the Towelrootapk from our website, you will get the file free from here.


  • After downloading successfully, open the file and click to install.
  • Run installed Towelroot.
  • Then, you need to Make it further ra1n.”
  • [[If you find out that the device is compatible with the app, then you can easily proceed to the Next Step. But, if the device isn’t compatible with the app, then you need to uninstall this app and find some other rooting applications]]
  • However, after clicking to the option “Make It ra1n”, your android device will be rooted successfully.

Advantages of using the Towelroot for android:

Now, it is a time to find out the advantages of using the towel root application for your Android devices, and you can see the benefits of using this app right below:

  • You can completely be able to further download so many applications with the help of the require SU permission, and as well as, the application will also allow the android users to carry more possibilities and operate some more advanced options in their devices.
  • However, after rooting, your device will be ready to give you the best options for doing some customizations, and as well as you will get so many possibilities to cover changes in system sounds as well.
  • The application will also allow users to simply get access to follow different processes where they can be able to close them and release RAM memory, which in results, you will experience with improving the device’s performance.
  • You will get the feature of battery optimization, and as well as the overall control of the CPU’s energy.
  • It will also allow the users to carry out the complete backups easily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Once I rooted my device and then unrooted it, then, in that case, will my warranty continue?

Well, of course, your warranty claim will be continued once you unroot the device because the manufacturers won’t know that your devices were rooted before.

Q. Why do I need to root my device?

However, there are so many reasons to root your android devices as you want to modify or customize some phone settings according to your own. Once you complete the rooting process, you will be able to delete some software which irritates you from the system easily. And you can even save so much memory of your device.

Q. Can I make any changes I want after rooting the device?

Of course, you can! after using the Towelroot application, you can root your android device and then make any changes you want. It will allow you to delete any system app as well.

In short, the rooting application of Towelroot is a safe and secure method to root your android devices without damaging your device. So, why are you waiting for?

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