Government announces Rs 3,000 per month to 70 lakh daily persons

Islamabad: The government has decided that Rs 3,000 a month will be given to 70 lakh daily persons.

According to Express News, a government-owned economic team chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan held a meeting on the spread of corona virus in four provinces after the lockdown to provide food security to poor citizens, utilities to buy basic necessities. Relief on the purchase of ration was also given to stores and welfare agencies, while joint relief operations were also discussed in areas affected by Corona.

According to sources, the Prime Minister approved the major economic relief package in view of the Corona virus and it was decided at the meeting that Rs 3,000 a month would be given to 70 lakh daily occupants, a relief package of Rs 200 billion was also given to the exporters. Done.

The Prime Minister also ordered to keep a close watch on the domestic situation and the growing cases of Corona, saying that in the current situation, keep an eye on the poor and the marginalized.

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