Clash of Magic Apk Mod – Download Free For Android

Feeling tired of not getting unlimited resources while playing your favorite game, Clash of Clans? then, you don’t need to worry about now, here we will show you to download the Clash of Magic apk file, which is basically a private server to further give you permission and unlimited resources to play this game.

Clash of Magic Apk

Furthermore, you can easily get the Clash of Clans unlimited resources through the Clash of Magic Apk, yes, it is so simple, you just need to install the application which we will give you in this article below and then you’ll be able to easily play and unlock unlimited resources of Clash of Clans, just because you have the best apk server.

Now, players can easily upgrade many things inside the game like buildings, they can easily train as many troops as they want. However, the best thing about using the clash of magic apk file would be that you won’t have to buy anything now.

Clash of Magic Apk

The clash of magic apk file is available for both Android and IOS devices (jail-break). So,let’s go to the below section now and find out the servers of the clash of magic apk file app…

Types of clash of magic apk servers:

So, here are those 4 brilliant servers available to play clash of magic apk file on our website. Whereas these servers called S1, S2, S3, and S4. However, each server has packed with so many different features and as well as performance.

  1. Clash of Magic S1 (The Black Magic): with the help of this server, you can highly be modified and further build so many custom buildings and as well as it will allow you to easily get heroes as much as you can just through Unlimited Gold, Dark Elixir, and Elixir. This will provide you with total freedom, you can click here to download the server.
  2. Clash of Magic S2 (The Hall of Magic): this one is here to give you the easiest ways to upgrade anything you want, just the way Magic S1 offers to you. You will surely get unlimited resources, and also, you can make so many custom things based on your desires, you can click here to download the server.
Clash of Magic Apk
  • Clash of Magic S3: though this server offers you with limited resources and customization offer. It is actually not like Magic S1 and S2. It is slightly modified and comes along with 10000 Gold, Dark Elixir and Elixir Available. You can click here to download the server.
  • Clash of Magic S4: this server offers you absolute resources and as well as allow you to modify things according to your desire. You can make custom buildings and also heroes with the help of this server. You can click here to download the server.

Features of the clash of magic apk:

Your favorite game Clash of Magic apk file is available now to further support all android devices, and as well as all ios devices, you can enjoy getting unlimited resources and so many modifications just according to your desire. You can simply enjoy the original game directly on the phone, no need to go through some specific steps and methods at all.

However, the clash of magic apk file offers you with some fantastic servers and built-in features. In the clash of magic apk server, you won’t need to delete the original game at all, you can easily keep the original one while having the server installed as well.

So, check out the features below and get yourself ready to enjoy the clash of magic apk file straight in your smartphones…

  • You will get unlimited gems
  • You will get unlimited gold
  • You will get unlimited Elixir
  • You will get unlimited Dark Elixir
  • You will get an unlimited modification of Troops
  • Different modification is available
  • These servers are very fast and secure
  • All PVE (Goblin) maps Unlocked
  • Air Sweeper Unlimited
  • Building Time 0 Sec.

Requirements for the clash of magic apk app:

To easily download and install the Clash of Magic apk file, you can easily get it while clicking to the APK file option below. Moreover, before heading towards the installation, you have to make sure that your device is compatible enough with the app.


  • Android Device with the requirements of 4.0.3, 4.0.4 (ice cream sandwich), or even higher.
  • Internal storage should be at least 150 Megabytes.
  • Allow the location permission
  • Read phone identity and status
  • Media Access
  • Permission of Device ID and call information.
  • I can view Wi-Fi connections.

Final verdict:

As you know that the clash of magic apk file is one of the best and the most famous clash of clans private server available in the market nowadays, it will provide you with unlimited resources and gems, and much more. So, download it now and be ready to experience the excitement and fun…

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